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Professional Compounding Pharmacists is a leader in customized medication solutions, which it provides through innovation, high-quality components and state-of-the-art technology.  Our expert staff is trained and equipped with a state-of-the art facility to assist you with any non-sterile compounding need.  We will work with your healthcare provider to find a solution that meets your specific needs with forms such as transdermal gels, creams and ointments, capsules, suspensions, sprays, suppositories, and sublingual troches, among other modalities.

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Topical Pain Medications
• Compounded Capsules
• Suppositories
• Topical Nail Solutions
• Transdermal Pain Medications
• Topical Wart Formulations
• Suspensions
• Chewable Treats
• Transdermal Medications

When you have a compounded medication need, Professional Compounding Pharmacists is ready to assist you in developing and producing an optimal solution.  Contact a member of our staff at:

Toll-free Phone:  (877) 883-9300
Toll-free Fax:  (877) 883-9301

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